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Private Planes Out of Toronto


Are you planning a business or pleasure trip? Today, many travellers are chartering private jets to get them where they want to go. Private aviation has never been so affordable or attractive, and there are undeniable advantages to chartering a private plane out of Toronto, including:


  • Scheduling. When you fly with a commercial airline, you have to organize your life around their schedule. When you charter a plane, it operates on your terms. A private jet gives you the ultimate in flexibility: depart when you want to, stay longer or leave earlier than you’d originally planned, even change plans in mid-air! A private jet is there to serve your ends. No more arriving at the airport two hours early to stand in line, no more inconvenient airport layovers, no more missed flights or unnecessary hotel bills. Because these planes generally fly higher than airliners, flights are usually shorter, too. If you’re committed to efficiency, using a private jet just makes sense.
  • Working Atmosphere. Airlines advertise that business class seating is conducive to work, but anyone who’s ever flown that way can refute that claim. Chatty seatmates, coughing passengers, crying babies, people moving up and down the aisles, passenger announcements, and other distractions can play havoc with your concentration. In addition, it’s impossible to work with co-workers with even a modicum of privacy. A private jet, on the other hand, creates an atmosphere where you can focus on work without fear of interruption. Privacy is paramount, so a private jet is a perfect place to discuss strategy, negotiate, or close a deal. It can also create the perfect atmosphere for team building and strategic planning. Choose a company that offers Wi-Fi, phone communication, power outlets, worktables, and other office resources. 
  • Convenience. There are many ways in which a private jet makes travel more convenient. For example, charter flights can land at more airports than commercial flights. Land near your destination and cut down on ground commutes after flying.
  • Comfort. Private planes are designed for maximum comfort. Reclining leather seats, plenty of elbow room, the ability to move around the cabin, and clean private washrooms make the physical space more luxurious than commercial travel. In addition, the flight crew is focused solely on your needs, and you can customize food and beverage service to include all of your favourites! A private plane takes all of the stress out of flying, ensuring that your team will arrive fresh, rested, and ready to take on the competition.
  • Image. Arriving in a private jet creates an impression that is unparalleled. When your team uses a private plane, it sends the message that you value your time and that you have reached a certain level of success. Rock stars, former presidents, sports teams, and other celebrities travel by private plane: they too, know that their time is valuable!


Choose the comfort and efficiency of private planes out of Toronto, and discover its many advantages. 

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    By Joel
    When I originally booked with CATS, I found their service to be top notch and above all, very professional and friendly....

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